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Every man goes through stuff, we all, have had issues at one stage in our lives. We might as well be having issues now….
Question is, how does one deal with the issues when you don’t know how? How does one seek help without appearing to be weak? 
Well here is the place where men build up men, where men mentor men….rest assured no problem under the sun concerning men is new. At introspect we give you the opportunity to get answers to the numerous unanswered questions, the misunderstood attitude and the lost parenthood…..   How many men can honestly say they were raised by their Father? very few…..if not none……. Most fathers have been either a) absent, b) present but absent , c) present but not so present and d) present present. The role of raising sons/men has been left with our mothers and truth be told, our mothers have done a stellar job….it is time introspect helped us understand where our pain and potential lie, pick-up the responsibility to bring men together of various background to offer insight and solutions to the man problems….. At the Man Up conference this month, men will go through a journey of discovery that will lead to men stepping up to their true purpose, men facing their issues in the face, men who will be appreciated by their families and communities, men who will defend their families and communities. This conference is not a quick fix to the issues, the conference intends to switch on the inner and each man to make a personal commitment to his journey to ‘step up’ This conference is open to men in their Early twenties all the way to the elderly in our society. Men, this is the time to channel our God given energies into dominating and adding value to creation and future generations.

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